Moms in Focus Series

Moms are judged for so many things: what we feed our kids, whether or not we breastfeed, whether or not we work, how many children we have, how much screen time we let our kids have, what schools we send them to…the list is endless (and exhausting).

After encountering plenty of judgment from others about my choices, and knowing that other moms had encountered the same, I decided to turn it into something positive!  My good friend Courtney (A Life From Scratch) and I partnered up to talk with almost 20 moms from different backgrounds with different stories about judgment they've received based on choices they've made as a mom. 

Please follow their stories. We moms are trying as hard as we can and, trust us, we judge ourselves hard enough.  We hope you enjoy our series.  Meet our moms!


Let me introduce you to my next lovely mom: Courtney!  I have known Courtney since high school and she's as sweet as they come.  She is a mom of three amazing boys and she has felt some judgment for practicing attachment parenting.  Read on to see snippets from her full discussion (linked at the end) and to see images from the fun session I had with her and her boys!

“I would consider myself a person who practices attachment parenting with a bit of...

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