Frequently Asked Questions


You've got questions?  I've got answers!  Here are some of the top questions I get asked.  If you don't see your question here, send me an email or PM me on Facebook!


What is the price of a session?

Go HERE! :)


Do you direct and pose us?

Absolutely!  That's part of my role.  But I love capturing the little moments that happen during and between poses, so my camera is always shooting.  You have free reign to do what makes you feel like YOU, though.  That's most important to me.


What should I wear?

First, read through my What Should I Wear? section.  Second, know that what is most important is wearing what makes you feel most comfortable.  If you want to be casual, dress in comfy clothes.  If you want to be formal, then get fancy!  This session is all about you.  If the session includes a group of people, wear clothes that compliment each other.  Outfits don't have to be the same color, but they should flow well with each other.  If the majority of the people in your session are wearing neutrals, and then one person is wearing hot pink, well...that's going to look interesting.  Pinterest can be your best friend if you are looking for ideas!


How long until we get our photos?

Some people think that photography is just point and shoot and "here you go!"  That's not the case with me.  I go through all images, pick the very best ones, and then I hand edit and enhance each and every one.  I take my time making sure your images are perfect in my eyes because I want them to be perfect for you.  I aim to have all pictures completed within two weeks.  They will be digitally delivered to you.


Do I get a print release?

Yes, you do!  This means you will have printing rights for your images.  If you'd prefer that I order pictures for you from the printing lab I use, I'd be happy to do so.


Where do you hold your sessions?  Do you travel?

Sessions are held at the location of your choice.  I want this to be as personal for you as possible!  I live in Manhattan, Illinois, but I've traveled as far north as North Barrington and as far south as St. Louis.  I do charge a small travel fee if I am traveling outside a specific area.


What's in the bag?

I'm a Nikon girl and my most used lenses are my 24-70mm, 50mm, and 35mm.  I love them all, but for different reasons!