My Life with Photography


My fascination with photography began when I was little.  I grew up watching my dad take pictures with his big, bulky Canon film camera (film!), so it was always a part of my life.  The art of photography was so interesting to me.  The angle of the camera, the smiles being captured, the stare of an animal -- it didn't matter what the picture was -- I loved everything about it.


In high school I became the girl who took her camera everywhere.  Everywhere.  How my friends put up with me, I’m still not sure.  I took pictures of anything and everything.  I continued to tote my camera around through college and my minor was in television broadcasting which I loved!  My favorite part about it was getting the perfect shot as well as the post-editing.  I would sit for hours in the editing room making sure everything was just as it needed to be. 


It wasn't until after college when it clicked (see what I did there?) that I wanted photography to be a bigger part of my life.  I took this picture in Florida; it was a spur of the moment shot of a sixty-year old gentleman getting ready to hit the waves, and it certainly wasn't perfect, but it was this shot that made me realize how much more I wanted to do with a camera.  A year after I took this photo, I invested in my first grown-up camera and I’ve been taking pictures ever since.