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Moms in Focus: Meet Victoria


Victoria is an amazing mother of two. I was lucky enough to spend time with her and her sweet daughter, Lulin.  


Courtney and I asked each mama a series of questions about judgment they've experienced, and Victoria's full responses can be found on A Life From Scratch. Below are images from Victoria and Lulin's mother/daughter session along with brief quotes taken from Victoria's responses.  


Everyone, meet Victoria!

"Lots of the time I don’t feel like I fit neatly into a specific style of mothering since I straddle many identities. I’m crunchy and traditional at home and then a modern feminist outside the home. I didn’t know I would be this way, but here I am."

"I have heard others judge me for the diet and natural lifestyle choices I make with my family. I was exposed to a good variety of foods outside of the typical American fare through my parents. So the way we strive to be natural doesn’t seem radical or alternative to me any way. My life and therefore my mothering lifestyle is about natural living as much as I can and as I learn more natural ways."


"My hair, being the most obvious of my style, often makes people believe I am too radical to be rational. But, it’s about my own philosophy and I feel pretty solid about it, so I don’t fret too much."


"Often I think they saved me from wasting years of my life being a selfish person. They give love in a way that a person cannot experience in any other way and help me focus on the things that matter and that I can make a difference on. I know I need them as much as they need me."


"I am learning as I go and doing the best I can like moms have done before me and will continue to do after me. Each generation is new in its own way."


Be sure to read Victoria's discussion on judgment on A Life From Scratch!






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