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Moms in Focus: Meet Sharon


Sharon is an amazing mother of two children.  I’m so thankful I was able to spend some time with her and her kiddos, Shaun and Taylor.  She's a working mom, and how many of us working moms have experienced some kind of guilt, right?


Courtney and I asked each mama a series of questions about judgment they've experienced, and Sharon's full responses can be found on A Life From Scratch. Below are images from her “mom session” along with brief quotes taken from Sharon's responses.  


Everyone, meet Sharon!


"I think I describe myself as a nurturing mom who likes to be there and present for my kids and their friends. I am the mom who feeds everyone at the dinner table and monitors conversations a little bit more than others to referee and keep kids emotionally safe. I also think I can describe myself as a mom who wants to work and show my children independence."


"I think I was judged because I was away from home when my kids were growing up.  I missed the first steps and walks with both kids being in daycare by 6 weeks old. I was opening a school as a new principal 2-4 weeks after Taylor was born and missed some of those formative moments with meetings, work headaches, etc. I was also working on my doctorate and neglected being a mom and wife for a long time."


"I never was told to my face that I should be ashamed for working, but I think I saw it when my kids had to go to summer camp right after school ended and continued the 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. day even when school was out."


"I always wanted to be a full-time working mom like my own mother and grandmother, and I saw my worth in contributing to the world with my husband. I missed many milestones with my two babies in daycare. I missed going to the park or staying home when they were sick and I depended on my parents to help so much more. I saw moms that raised their children and had lap time at the library and other bonding moments, and I desired that as well especially on difficult days at work."


 "My children are truly caring souls. They learn about love in church and understand that people are different, but should be loved. I see them sharing that love and joy with others and people tend to call them beautiful people inside and outside. I think that love, kindness and joy was what I wanted them to have as a mom."


Be sure to read Sharon's full discussion on judgment on A Life From Scratch!  Thank you, Sharon!




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