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Moms in Focus: Meet Mary Beth


Meet Mary Beth! She's an adoptive mom who has experienced judgment for the choice she made to create her family through adoption.  Here are the images I took of her and her beautiful children on a sunny, warm afternoon along with some snippets related to the judgment she's felt about being an adoptive mom.  Read her full interview at A Life From Scratch!

"I am absolutely wild about my babies and feel like it is the biggest honor to be their mama. I try to never pass up an opportunity to laugh and play with my kids. Our family is built through adoption…adoption just comes with a whole stack of cringe worthy interactions with people, especially when your children look as uniquely as mine do. It is comical to me how not everyone jumps to the conclusion that they must be adopted and have been asked multiple times if they all have different fathers (as if they all were mine biologically)."


“I have had people come tell me out of the clear blue that if I were going to adopt I should have done so from a foreign country since those kids need a home.  I have been told I took the ‘easy way out’ since I didn’t have to go through labor for my children.  All of this comes from a lack of understanding of adoption.”


“On good days I am kind and patient with the random strangers who constantly inquire about my family dynamics. And it is constant. We can’t go anywhere without someone mentioning something about them and their looks and almost demanding an explanation as to how our family is made up.”


“Usually I know that people come from a good place, but I also have a responsibility to protect my children and their stories. I am brief and not afraid to tell someone that their story is private and not something I am comfortable discussing with someone we don’t know.”


“And our family is about to grow! Our family is built through adoption and recently we were asked if we would consider taking Jude’s biological brother who is due this December! It was an instant YES, and we are thrilled!” 


“I adore these little people and I just want to do the very best thing for them. We [moms] would all do ourselves a huge favor to just recognize that and give each other a lot of grace as this really is the hardest but most important job.” 


To read Mary Beth's entire discussion on being an adoptive mom, please head on over to A Life From Scratch, and stay tuned for our next mama!



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