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Moms in Focus: Meet Sara


Sara is an adorable mama with one daughter, Samantha.  I was so happy to be able to spend time with these two lovelies and I'm thankful that Sara was willing to open up about being a pumping mama. How moms feed their babies always seems to be up for debate (which just leads to unnecessary pressure we end up putting on ourselves).  Here are some snippets from her discussion on judgment.  Meet Sara!


“My name is Sara and I am a first time mom.  My daughter, Samantha, is 9 months old.  My daughter is a cloth diaper during the week, disposables on weekends, breastfed from a bottle, cries it out occasionally, ate-a-ball-of-cat-hair girl and she is thriving.”


“I am an exclusive pumper because my daughter never caught on to the nursing. It never made sense to either of us and we never received help once we left the hospital. Some of that is my fault because we moved 2 weeks after she was born and I was overwhelmed. As much as I hate my pump, I am trying to give her the best start in life.  I see all these mothers saying that their child is getting breast milk for 2 or even 3 years and I know we will be lucky to make it to age 1.”


“Social media is also a new territory that on one hand is giving moms more support than ever before, but on the other is allowing moms to judge themselves in their own homes. Now not only do mothers feel judged if they breastfeed their baby at the zoo, but when they are at home, they are wondering if because they chose to wean at 10 months are they dooming their child to failure later.”


"I normally just try and let comments roll off me because there are other things I need to be worrying about. Unfortunately when I am awake at night, that is when the judgments come back to haunt me, and I can feel my self-confidence drop just a little."


“Sometimes a mother is making decisions just to get through the day, so that hopefully tomorrow she can feel like she’s a better mother than the day before.”


To read Sara’s full discussion on judgment, please be sure to visit A Life From Scratch!  And stay tuned; more mamas are on the way! 


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