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Moms in Focus: Meet Felicity


I am excited to introduce you to my next mom: Felicity!  I mean, how cool is she - she shows up ready to go in a Wonder Woman costume!  She has an energetic personality and I could tell her children just adored her.  Here are some snippets from her story about how being a single, stay-at-home mom has caused others to be judgmental of her and her free-spirited style.


“Three words that describe me are encourager, free-thinker, and bottom line person. Because that’s who I am as a person, that’s who I am as a mom.  I have found great fulfillment as I have decided to stop trying to fit my career in a box. In simple terms I am a gypsy, but more specifically I am a speaker, coach/counselor, actor, dancer, soon to be inventor and investor!”


“I have felt judgment in that I never worry about my children. People actually find that offensive. I have been judged for being a non-conformist in how I dress and think about myself. I have been judged as a conservative Republican and actually told that it is irresponsible for any black mother to be that way.”


“I have been judged for taking my children to church too much because I think our spiritual development is more important than getting up for school on time. I have been judged for homeschooling my children, that I’m depriving them of socialization. I have been judged for not getting a full-time job because that’s what single mothers have to do.”


“I have been judged for taking my children on too many vacations because I think it’s more important that they experience the world than that I spend all my money on us being able to live alone.  When you’re judged for that many things, you either kill yourself in your body or soul, or you decide you don’t care. I tried killing my soul and now have decided I don’t care.”


“Judgment clouds good thinking. I would tell the world that all moms, all parents and in fact, all people...are doing the best they can.”


Thank you Felicity for sharing your story with us.  To read Felicity's full discussion on judgment, please head over to her page on A Life From Scratch!  And stay tuned for more mamas.  


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