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Moms in Focus: Meet Beth


Please meet Beth!  She's a sweet mama of three delightful kiddos who I get the pleasure of photographing every fall.  Moms tackle so much judgment and Beth has felt judged for having an interracial family.  Here are images from her session along with snippets from her full discussion on judgment which is linked at the bottom of the page.  Enjoy!


“I met my husband in college. I was a ballet dancer and he was a football player. When I told my friends and family about him, they found the match adorable! When they saw a picture of him, I could tell their expressions turned to one of “polite shock” when they discovered he was African American. His family’s reaction was the same, although sometimes more outspoken (haha!). “Concerned” (and even disapproving) family members and co-workers would say things like, “Won’t it be hard?” and the ever popular, “What about when you have children?” We were in love and devoted to each other, and felt confident that we would be able to handle (and teach our future children to handle) any adversity and ignorance that may come our way.”


“While I was hurt and saddened by disapproving family members (and humanity, at times) for continuing to hold such “old school” views about race, I also used our relationship as an opportunity to educate. I knew some of the questions we received were genuinely that: questions out of curiosity or lack of experience.”


“Our children have been spoiled and “loved on” by family members, teachers, coaches, friends, and neighbors, and have just recently begun asking questions about race and diversity. While we knew our interracial family would be a topic of discussion at times, we also knew that it would be worth answering some questions in order to not have to give up on the love we had for each other and our children.”


“While we still continue to get comments and questions from curious co-workers, friends, and even strangers, our experience has been positive overall, and a great experience to educate and show people a positive example of a diverse family.”


“My biggest joy in raising my kids is seeing them become their own individual people with their own interests and talents. I love to see them passionate about topics that I have never explored.  I am proud to see them becoming articulate, kind, and compassionate human beings, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them!”


Thank you so much for sharing your story, Beth.  Head on over to A Life From Scratch to read her entire discussion about judgment, and stay tuned for upcoming mamas!



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