What Should I Wear?

That’s what I get asked a lot from my clients and for good reason!  It can be stressful trying to figure out how you should style your session.  So, here are some tips I put together that will hopefully help you out.  Keep in mind that these are just my personal suggestions and nothing that you have to follow.  What is important to me is that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing.  You should feel like a rock star!  Your confidence will shine through and make for some amazing photos.


Colors.  Wear the colors you love.  Some photographers say “don’t wear white” or “don’t wear green if shooting in greenery,” but I say nonsense.  The session is about your self-expression, so if there is a color that makes you feel amazing, then wear it!  One little recommendation I do have is to stay away from any shirts that are too fluorescent or too neon close to the neck simply because they can cast that particular color onto your skin.  No one wants a lime green chin!


Outfit Coordination.  There are so many different options out there.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming.  Some people prefer outfits in a monochromatic all-neutral palette (think only ivory, or only gray), others want to have everyone in the same color family (an example would be the color blue, but different variations of it), and others want a few different colors blending together (think maroon, ivory, navy blue, mustard).  

Here is a great example of a family that has chosen a few muted colors to go with.  They are all wearing different variations of blue or gray, but they all blend together so perfectly.   

You can also choose accessories in colors that will pop against your outfits.  In these two images, you can see how the families bring out little pops of color.  Notice how the shoes of the mom holding her little boy match his shirt and shorts.  And how the hot pink boots and hot pink headband of the two little girls in the other picture tie together.  Little things like that can really make your styling stand out.

And patterns and textures: don't shy away from them!!  The dad and his youngest son in the following picture are wearing different patterns, and mom is wearing a chunky, textured scarf.  And it goes together perfectly!  Don't be shy about expressing yourself.

Comfort Level. Please, please, please wear what feels best on you.  If you do not feel comfortable, then you will not be able to relax at the session and it will show in your pictures.  If high heels kill your feet, don’t wear them!  If your pants are so tight that you can’t even sit down, grab a different pair.  If your kids are scratching or pulling at new outfits that just don’t feel good, please put them in something that will make them comfortable.  Comfort is important.

A Few Extra Things.  I'd shy away from wearing anything with a huge logo on it because it will be very distracting in your images.  Also, make sure anything you don't want showing (undershirts, bra straps) are covered up.  If you are unsure about the weather, it never hurts to grab an extra shirt or sweater as an additional layer, if needed.  


​​Another great tool is Pinterest.  You can type in anything from "fall photo outfits" to "casual spring coordination," and you will quickly be swarmed with multitudes of suggestions and ideas.  And I am always here for you, so you are more than welcome to text me pictures of what you are thinking and I can give you feedback!  Don't stress about your outfits.  Have fun choosing them and putting your style together!